In Their Own Words

From Clients:

"Jennifer helped me immensely during a very difficult time in my life. Through her thoughtful guidance I was able to reach the other side of my depression. She has a unique way of listening to your problems. No Freudian or complicated sessions here, just straightforward help, and a shoulder to cry on. I work in a creative industry, and she is especially in tune to the needs of artists. She has a great demeanor and sensitivity that I think is one of her best assets. I would highly recommend her to anyone."


"At my first session with Jen, I had no clue what to expect. I practiced yoga and self-awareness, so I thought I had a decent handle on the mind-body connection. However, the work we did was so unlike anything I had ever done before. 

Each session, before we began, I would feel awkward and resistant. It was an unfamiliar process, but Jen created such a safe space it was possible to feel the resistance and then the sweetness of moving past it. As the session went on, all these things started to happen - insights, thoughts, messages. They arrived simply, but powerfully. Each communication was a clear and wonderful surprise. 

As someone who deals mostly in words and reason, this work is especially important because it made me vulnerable. I couldn't rely on any familiar language to make anything more palatable. That's where Jen's presence was so key. I may have felt awkward, but she always made me feel very supported.  

I would highly recommend this work for anyone who needs a change, or has explored more traditional methods of self-discovery and still feels lacking. Jen's work is powerful. It's surprising, effective, and allows you to connect with yourself in ways that just might not be possible in a verbal context."


"Yesterday I was at a video/sound installation performance, and there was this large empty space and just the perfect everything to do authentic movement. After I got permission from the artist, I actually had the guts to just go in the space and make the movements that needed to be made...starting with a summersault into the center! Just now I was reading something you posted about how dance helps the brain. There was a list of 10 things. But I think that there are more. I felt like this last night, that without movement my thoughts were blocked. Then allowing myself to move there was just so many more ways to be at one with the moment that very quickly my mind calmed down. Anyways, just wanted to share this success story." 

From Colleagues: 

"In my ten plus years of teaching, Jennifer ranks at the top of all my students. Jennifer is keenly intelligent, possesses great empathy and warmth, has unending curiosity and has consistently demonstrated commitment to issues of social justice and human rights. It continues to be an honor and a privilege to serve as her mentor."  Scott Whipple, LCSW. Assistant Professor, New York University


"Jennifer is a gifted speaker and imparts a general ease when in front of groups. As a learner, she has a true curiosity about the world around her, asks many questions, and is, in turn, eager to impart her wisdom to others in an encouraging and easy to understand way." Charlotte Elkin, LCSW, former clinical supervisor


"Ms. Benetato strikes the ideal balance between mentor and teacher. I have been at Lang now for 14 years, and Ms. Benetato’s class – in conception and in execution – remains one of the classes which best demonstrates who we are as an engaged academic community." Mark Larrimore, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Religious Studies, The New School


"Jennifer has a great love of dance, strong clinical skills, and a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of dance/movement therapy. She advocates for the work and pioneers integrative interventions, a model that will likely become more prevalent in the years to come. I recommended Jennifer without reservation." Leslie Daly, Ph.D., BC-DMT, former supervisor


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