My Commitment to Honoring and Celebrating Diversity

My practice promotes the values of social justice, and I diligently work to uphold and adhere to the code of ethics that govern my field.

I am dedicated to working inclusively with people whose backgrounds, lifestyles, life stages, belief systems, identities and cultures might be different from my own. I strive to maintain a diverse practice, and provide my services to people of all races, ethnicities, immigration statuses, religions, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, incomes, relationship statuses, ages, sizes, and philosophies. Additionally, my practice is sex-positive, queer-affirming, and kink/BDSM/sex-work friendly. 

I make every effort to expand my awareness of the vast array of expressions that the human experience can take. I continue to grow, and I invite you to give me feedback should I say or do anything that makes you uncomfortable. 

I strive to create an environment where you feel free to bring all of yourself into therapy, without fear of rejection. In order for my office to maintain a safe space, I will take an active stance to challenge my clients’ biases if I believe they are harmful or discriminatory. My intention is never to scold, but to increase our capacity to choose love and understanding over hate, ignorance, or fear.